SJWL Schedule 2018-2019



Lantern Deadline (September)                                                   August 17

Placement Council Meeting                                                        September 11

Board Meeting                                                                             September 10

Lantern Deadline (October)                                                        September 14

General Meeting                                                                         September 17

Provisional Meeting                                                                    September 25


Board Meeting                                                                             October 8                                                   

Tea                                                                                              October 15

Lantern Deadline (November)                                                     October 19


Grant Applications Deadline                                                   November 1

New Placement Recommendations                                       November 1

Admissions Nomination Forms Pick Up Deadline                  November 1

Placement Council/Provisional Meeting                                 November 6

Board Meeting                                                                        November 12

Admissions Nomination Forms Due                                       November 19

General Meeting                                                                     November 19

Admissions Meeting                                                                  December 3

Lantern Deadline (January)                                                       December 14

No Meetings Scheduled in December   


Placement Council Meeting                                                     January 8

Board/Provisional Meeting (Joint Meeting)                              January 14

Budget Requests to Treasurer                                                January 15

Lantern Deadline (February)                                                   January 18

General Meeting                                                                      January 21


Sustainers-to-be Letter to Secretary                                    February 1

Change of Status Request to Secretary                              February 1

Board Meeting                                                                     February 11

Lantern Deadline (March)                                                    February 15

General Meeting (Mandatory)                                              February 18

Provisional Meeting (Following General Mtg.)                     February 18



Board Meeting                                                                       March 11

Lantern Deadline (April)                                                        March 15

General Meeting                                                                    March 18

Provisional Meeting (Following General Mtg.)                      March 18

Dues to Treasurer                                                                      April 1

Board Meeting                                                                            April 8

Lantern Deadline (May)                                                             April 19

General Meeting (Mandatory)                                                    April 22

Provisional Meeting (Following General Mtg.)                           April 22


Board Meeting                                                                             May 13

May Dinner                                                                                  May 20