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Gift Shop Regulations


1. Fines

          A.  When a member cannot be personally contacted by phone or has not  contacted the Gift Shop one hour prior to the start of a shift (or one hour prior to closing in the case of a morning shift), a paid worker will be called and put on stand-by. Fifteen minutes before the shift begins, the paid worker will be called to come to the Gift Shop unless the member has been contacted or has contacted the Gift Shop.

          B.  When a member arrives or contacts the Gift Shop after the paid worker is on the way to the Gift Shop, the member will work the shift and pay the paid worker.

          C.  After 15 minutes, a shift is considered missed. The fine for a first missed shift in a year (June 1st - May 31st) is $100.00 plus the cost of the paid worker. The second missed shift in a League year will result in removal from membership from the Sumter Junior Welfare League. If a paid worker is unable to work the missed shift, the negligent member will be required to make up the missed shift and work one extra shift in addition to the monetary fine.

          D.  All fines of unusual nature are subject to interpretation by the Board of Directors.

          E.  All fines are payable to the Treasurer of The League within 30 days of occurrence. If you need to pay a fine, mail the fine made payable to the SJWL, directly to the Treasurer of The League.


2. Shifts and Paid Workers

          A.  When you trade a shift or hire a paid worker, you are required to change the master copy of the schedule accordingly by calling the worker on duty or going to the Gift Shop and making the change yourself.

          B.  In the event of emergency or extended illness of a paid worker, it is the responsibility of the paid worker to find someone to work her shift.

          C.  You may trade with other members to meet your schedule whenever you want within the fiscal year. You are encouraged to trade with other members whenever the need arises.

          D.  If a member trades a shift with a paid worker, the traded shift must be made up within 30 days.

          E.  You must pay paid workers within 10 days of a paid shift by mailing or leaving the funds in the Wishing Well. If a paid worker has not been paid within 10 days, the Gift Shop will pay the paid worker. The delinquent member will be notified by registered letter at the expense of the member. If the Gift Shop is not reimbursed within 10 days of receipt of the registered letter, the case will be brought before the Board of Directors.

          F.  A member may hire a paid worker four times during the fiscal year (June 1st - May 31st). If any paid worker is hired by a member more than four times, the member will be notified by registered letter, and will have 30 days to make up the shift. The wages paid to the worker will not be reimbursed. If the shift is not made up within 30 days, the case will be brought before the Board of Directors.

3. Wages

          A.  Paid workers are paid $30.00 for any shifts that they work for



4. Changes in Status

          A.  The Scheduler is to be notified of any changes in status one month before the existing schedule runs out.

          B.  Members are responsible for shifts on the Gift Shop schedule when they resign, move away, or go semi-active before the existing schedule runs out. The member will not be put on the next schedule.

          C.  Members are responsible for immediately recording any changes in home, work, or mobile telephone numbers in The League Blue Book at the Gift Shop. Please note any long distance numbers by preceding the number with a “1”.


5. Children at Gift Shop

          A.  Children of members are not allowed to be behind the counter or in the back office/stock room while the member is working her shift.


6. Other Regulations

          A.  No personal phone calls while the member is working her shift.

          B.  In the event of severe inclement weather, please contact a gift shop manager or follow the guidelines set forth for Tuomey non-essential personnel. The shift will be rescheduled if necessary.




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