Camp Scamp

Temporarily Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Crosswell Home For Children

Brittony Aycock , Chair

Mollie Oswald

Whitney Moss

Leah French

Kate Price

Get Real About Violence

Temporarily Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic


Allyson Sanders, Chair

Shelly Stokes, Co-Chair

Beth Poag

Caroline Motley

Lillie Smith

The Lantern

Ann Frances Brown, Editor

Larsen Cline, Co-Editor

Sumter Gallery of Art

Jenna Brown, Chair

Julie Hobday

Melissa Timmons

Meg White

Katherine Brogdon

Brittany Huckeba

Sumter Little Theatre

Jenny Thigpen, Chair

Mandy Baibak

Keonna Porter

Carolyn Hodge

Cindy Dimitriadis

Carrie Johnson


Chrissy Hutto, Chair

Amy Barrineau, Co-Chair

Lisa Pinto

Jessica Lamb

Brenda Barnes

Jackie Hicks

Jennifer Reimer

Lisa Burke

United Ministries

Part A: Crisis Relief

Jennifer Miller, Chair

Amy Wilson

Leslie Horton

Jennifer Smith

Part B: Special Projects

Deanna Smith, Chair

Cheryl Landstrom

Jessica Fralick

Lori Berger

Three in One

Whitney Brown, Chair

Marissa Deakin

Jennifer Smith

Mollie McMillan

Katie Holloway

Amber Frye

Sumter Opera House

Joni Walker, Chair

Stirling Mitchum

Heather Smith

Becky Craft

Meighan Price

Stefanie Durham

Solomon's Home

Elizabeth Lee, Chair

MaryBeth Skey

Ashlee Lloyd

Rebekah Killen

Monique Brunson

Hillary Griffin

Nancy Ferriell