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Crosswell Home For Children

Gaffney Brown, Chair

Emma Ayers

Savanah Davis

Savannah Grace DuBose

Fundraising Committee

Mary Kathryn Hulme, Chair

Abbye Price, Co-Chair

Caitlyn Lee

Mollie Oswald


Anna James, Chair

Stacy Montgomery, Co-Chair

Brenley Davis

Ashley Scott



Hillary Griffin, Editor

Katie Gibson, Co-Editor

Sarah Jane Gibson, Social Media

Sumter Gallery of Art

Marissa Deakin, Chair

Katie Holloway

Sarah Skinner

Meg White

Sumter Little Theatre

Stephanie Durham, Chair

Emma Wynn Brown

Kristine Hinson

Katie Leblanc


Jen Reimer, Chair

Katie Shaw, Co-Chair

Mary Katherine Aronson

Amy Barrineau

Mary Peyton Clepper

Kate Price

Katie Stafford

United Ministries

Leslie Horton, Chair

Jessica Fralick

Amber Frye

Corey Ripley

Deanna Smith

Two by Two

Mollie McMillan, Chair

Brittany Huckeba Co-Chair

Madison Cox

Katherine Schwartz

Sumter Opera House

Heather Smith, Chair

Ashley Dickerson

Kelly Wescott

Solomon's Home

Ashlee Moore, Chair

Rebekah Killen

Ashlee Lloyd

Rebekah Richardson

Saving Sumter Strays

Jenny Thigpen- Chair

Cindy Dimitriadis

Lucion Scott

Kristen Timmons


Wishing Well 

Christine Kohl, Chair

Jackie Hicks, Co-Chair

Katherine Brogdon, Buyer

Liz Gaughf, Co-Buyer

Ashley Reddick, Business Manager

Monique Brunson, Co-Business Manager

Caroline Zitzke, Food Buyer

Angie Gilley, Co-Food Buyer

Elizabeth Lee, Bookkeeper

Kelley Bostic, Co-Bookkeeper




Philissa Edge

Jackie Flinchum

Ariel Floyd

Katie Glenn

Ashlee Holloman

Meg Kwiecinski

Katherine Lynch

Meighan Price

Joni Walker


Wishing Well Shifts

Whitney Brown- Scheduler

Lindsay Bozeman

Jennifer Smith


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