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Crosswell Home For Children

Anna Elmore, Chair

Kate Price

Kelly Bostic

Gaffney Brown

Fundraising Committee

Brenley Davis, Chair

Mary Kathryn Hulme, Co-Chair

Monique Brunson

Philissa Edge

Abbye Price



Tiffany Davis, Chair

Anna James, Co-Chair

Beth Poag

Ashley Scott

Lillie Smith

Shelly Stokes


Mollie Oswald, Editor

Hilary Griffin, Co-Editor

Jenna Binion, Historian

Sumter Gallery of Art

Melissa Timmons, Chair

Katie Holloway

Amy Jones

Madison Cox

Sumter Little Theatre

Stephanie Durham, Chair

Kristine Hinson

Meg White

Tina Patterson

Cindy Dimitriadis


Jesseca Lamb, Chair

Jen Reimer, Co-Chair

Amy Stallings

Amy Barrineau

Katie Shaw

United Ministries

Deanna Smith, Chair

Lisa Furse

Brenda Barnes

Amber Frye

Leslie Horton

Two by Two

Mollie McMillan, Chair

Brittany Huckeba Co-Chair

Katherine Schwartz

Meagan Kuhlman

Sumter Opera House

Heather Smith, Chair

Sterling Mitchum

Marissa Deakin

Ashley Dickerson

Solomon's Home

Ashlee Lloyd, Chair

Lisa Burke

Rebekah Killen

Ashley Moore

Saving Sumter Strays

Jenny Thigpen- Chair

Jennifer W. Smith

Katie LeBlanc

Lucion Scott


Wishing Well Shifts

Larsen Cline- Scheduler

Lindsay Bozeman

Ann Frances Brown

Melissa Evans

Jennifer Miller

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