Sarah Smith, Chair

Ashley Melton, Co-Chair

Brenda Barnes, 2nd year

Ann Frances Brown, 2nd year

Christine Kohl, 2nd year

Shelly Stokes, 2nd year

Chrissy Hutto, 1st year

Mary Beth Skey, 1st year

Joni Walker, 1st year

Susan Weber, 1st year

Paula Stover, Sustainer, 2nd year

Brenda Chase, Sustainer, 1st year

Tammy Bilton, Sustainer Alternate

Jenny Knof, Non-Voting


Placement Council

Lisa Burke, Chair

Shelly Stokes, Co-Chair

Brittany Aycock,Jackie Hicks, Ann Frances Brown, Heather Cromer, Tiffiany Davis, Marissa Deakin, Stefanie Durham, April Geddings, Bronwyn McElveen, Susan McGregor, Jennifer Miller, Kelly Mills, Amy Stallings, Melissa Timmons, Joni Walker

Community Research

Nancy Lee Zippleman, Chair

Stacy Montgomery, Co-Chair



Ashley Melton, Chair



Cheryl Landstrom, Chair

Shannon Boykin, Co-Chair

Lisa Burke, Tiffany Davis, Bronwyn McElveen, Vicki Singleton, Amy Stallings, Shelly Stokes



Lauren Locklear, Chair

Jenny Knof, Co-Chair

Welfare and Emergency Aid

Cheryl Landstrom, Chair

Vicki Singleton


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