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Jessica Fralick, Chair

Anna James, Co-Chair

Leslie Horton- 2nd year

Ashlee Lloyd- 2nd year

Mollie Oswald-2nd Year

Katie Shaw - 2nd Year

Caroline Zitzke- 1st year

Lisa Furse - 1st year

Hillary Griffin- 1st year

Mandy Baiback alternate 2nd year

Brittany Huckeba- alternate 2nd year

Whitney Brown, alternate 1st year

Valerie James, sustainer 1st year

Wynn Tessenair, sustainer 2nd year

Jana Jackson, sustainer alternate

Brenley Davis, non voting


Placement Council

Tiffany Rodgers, Chair

Mollie Oswald, Co- Chair

Lauren Locklear

Jenny Knopf

Stacy Montgomery

Jennifer Reimer

Leslie Horton

Hillary Griffin

Jackie Hicks

Anna James

Mary Kathryn Hulme

Ashley Moore

Gaffney Brown

Mollie McMillan

Marissa Deakin

Stephanie Durham

Heather Smith

Jenny Thigpen

Community Research

Stacy Montgomery, Chair

Jessica Fralick, Co-Chair




Hillary Griffin, Chair

Katie Gibson, Co-Chair

Sarah Jane Gibson, Social Media 



Susan Weber, Chair

Mandy Baiback, Co-Chair

Christine Kohl

Jackie Hicks

Elizabeth Lee

Lauren Locklear

Jenny Knopf

Tiffany Rodgers

Mollie Oswald




Lisa Furse, Chair

Brenley Davis, Co-Chair


Welfare and Emergency Aid

Mandy Baiback, Chair

Jenny Knopf


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